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GLOBALGIRL, Nadia Mirza-Saadi comments on BBC Young Reporter's Podcast, 'Hear Me'

I think the podcast episodes voice the hidden stories young people from a diverse background have experienced growing up in a relatable, detailed and concise way. I like that they are quite specific because it really provides an insight into each person's specific background and what matters to them. I enjoyed the interviews because they broadened the perspective and kept the listeners entertained.

I would like to hear more about other hidden perspectives. For example, what it's like to celebrate several different cultures at the same time in schools and universities, being a part of a Christian school as a young person who isn't Christian, the differences between various generations of immigrants, colourism across different communities, experiences of young campaigners or young people in military organizations e.g. the University Air Squadron and the experiences of BAME young people in the LGBT community.

I think it would benefit other young people to hear stories from these perspectives as these scenarios can be quite isolating. I also feel it would encourage others to accept themselves and others in this British Society. I also feel that whilst everyone has a voice and perspective young people aren't limited to one group or one perspective, we have a lot to say yet limited opportunities to make our voice heard.

I am Nadia, a second year astrophysics student from Glasgow. I have heritage from South Asia which I celebrate in my roles as President of the GU South Asian Society and as a radio presenter for Sunoh Scotland. I stand for myself. My field of Astrophysics. My Community. My country. My Universe. Ins:Nadiams19

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