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International Women's Day 2024 at News UK

Updated: Mar 21

To me International Women’s Day is about coming together and celebrating women - all women, from different walks of life. Celebrating their determination, hard work, sacrifices and the influence they have on the world that often goes unnoticed. Celebrating how far women have come and recognizing what the previous generation have done to push for change and equality. Also acknowledging women today that are movers and shakers and inspire the next generation of women.  


I was lucky enough to attend the International Women’s Day 2024 event at News UK. The event was filled with jam packed sessions and talks including a Women in Journalism panel with former England and Arsenal football and talkSPORT broadcaster Lianne Sanderson, News UK SVP Kirsteen King and Commercial Director Liz Perkins and Sunday Times Deputy Editor Krissi Murrison. It was amazing to hear their career journeys, how they have overcome setbacks and the realities of working in a male dominated field. I was able to learn many different perspectives e.g., balancing motherhood whilst managing a team, how much force goes into advocating for female footballers to receive fair opportunities.  


Another amazing panel was from Times Radio's Jane Garvey and Fi Glover as they reflected on their 30 years in the broadcast industry. I really admired their honesty, sense of humour and perseverance. It was particularly eye opening to see photos during their early days at the BBC (where I currently work) and how they were often the only women in these photos. Fast forward to today, I am thankful to work in a team with many amazing women but know that this was not always the case. 


My favourite thing about the event was the real sense of community I felt in the room. It was amazing seeing women of different ages and backgrounds come together to celebrate themselves and have open honest conversations on what it is like being a woman in the workplace. There was a real sense of solidarity.  


I currently work in television marketing and as I develop my career, I hope to continue to champion diversity and push for more opportunities for unrepresented voices to be shown on screen, all year round not just during the annual events. The event also showed me that I still have a lot to learn as I continue to advance my career in television, and I look forward to seeing what the future holds.  

Author: Rianna Enahoro

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