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GLOBALGIRL, Danielle Desouza comments on BBC Young Reporter's Podcast, 'Hear Me'

I have been enjoying the podcasts thus far. The podcast “Anisha” resonated with me at parts to a large extent. I have grown up with a lot of pressure placed upon me to achieve top grades. This has led to me developing perfectionism, which has shaped me both positively and negatively. On one hand, when you have parents who invest a lot of time and money into your education, it makes you feel grateful to have people that care about you so much. However, when it becomes the basis on which they treat you, it can make you feel increasingly low. I admire Anisha for having the courage to leave her “parents,” who we later on find out are not actually her parents, and forge her own journey.

Kieran’s story was incredibly insightful. The first time I encountered drag queens was at Pride London last year, and I was astounded by the sheer confidence they displayed and the happiness that being in the drag community brought to them. I especially liked the fact that Kieran’s story squashed the false idea that all drag queens are gay, and that his Church and family have supported his desire to be a drag queen. Both stories are unconventional, which I find extremely refreshing. The incorporation of Kieran’ drag mother and Sarah, one of the carers at Anisha’s respite home, was a nice touch. It gave the podcast a well organised structure and natural feel.

I am tired of hearing the same types of accounts and stereotypical views of communities that are often shunned because some people are too ignorant to just ask them what they are all about. Therefore, I am so glad that BBC’s young reporters are giving voices to people that have been kept voiceless for too long. Would love to meet and potentially work with the team!

AUTHOR: Danielle Desouza

My name is Danielle. I am 21. I am a historian, makeshift musician and aspiring political broadcaster. I am a staunch supporter of both gender and racial equality, being female and Asian. I want to edge closer to this goal daily by bringing to light these injustices, through all forms of journalism. Snapchat: d_desouza 

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