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A GLOBALGIRL REVIEW on Goldsmith's BA Media Show

GlobalGirl, Olamide Taiwo comments on Goldsmith University's BA Media show titled 'EMERGENCY EXIT'.

My favourite part of the programme would have to be the creative writing performances because it allowed me to actually visualise what was going on in my head as the actors read from the script. They gave me an idea of the setting as well as an insight into how the characters sound and then I was forced to visualize it as they performed.

'Spaced Out' - Muneera Al-Thani

The piece captured in a video called Spaced Out by Muneera Al-Thani shone some light on anxiety and how it affects people differently. The artist's anxiety transformed sleep from being a stress relieving activity to an activity that caused her more stress. What I’ve taken from this art work is that our experiences influence the way our body behaves and reacts. For the artist it was a reoccurring dream of being in space and was caused by personal challenges and the stress of her final year. It has made me realise that self-awareness is extremely important as it has an effect on our health.

‘Restricting’ - Sarah Rall

‘Restricting’ by Sarah Rall was a piece that I stared at due to the two contrasting objects that merge together. It almost looked wrong; as if they are not meant to be together yet it is almost comforting to know that they are together. To me it simply represented the good and bad times of life. In my opinion, the good, represented by flowers, and the bad, represented by needles, resulted in a beautiful yet unconventional piece.

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