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Past Training: 2016 GlobalGirl Media UK Academy Training

In August 2016, South Thames College offered their space for our first ever London GlobalGirl Media UK Academy Training.

We spent three weeks hard at work, learning how to operate a camera, how to frame and expose your shot, how to shoot interviews, use light to best effect, understand the importance of good sound and why a tripod is essential.

During our trainings, we are committed to providing a safe space for girls to explore their creativity and stories.  We discussed powerful female role models around the world and throughout history.  The girls learnt about different portrayals of women in the media and understood better their basic rights.  We started the day with some yoga exercises and quiet contemplation.

We had visiting guests such as Shirin Wheeler, former BBC correspondent in Brussels; Sean McAllister director of the acclaimed documentary ‘Syria, a Love Story’; multimedia expert, Colette Machado; Olivia Prutz, freelance camera operator; Liz Mermin, Head of Visual at Thomson Reuters and many more.  All of these professionals are committed to bringing more female voices – particularly those from under-served communities – into the media.

The Favourite Moments of the Training by GGM UK graduates

The girls visited the BBC, where they watched GGM UK Ambassador Yalda Hakim front her show Impact, live, and they also visited  the RT studios, where they tried their hand at anchoring their own show.


In the final week of the training, the UK GlobalGirls created their own films.  Working together in 2 teams, and supporting each other as they went, the girls researched their topics, sourced and approached their interviewees, filmed their interviews and shot their ‘B-roll’.  They chose music, created a paper edit as a group and put together the final product.  One of these two films, ‘Stealing Intimacy’ has won a prestigious ‘Gracies’ Award.

Our model is to run GGM Academy (3 week) trainings yearly but we will run regular ‘skills-boosters’ in the meantime, open both to our graduates as well as to newcomers, such as our August skills-booster, How to create branded content.


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