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Meet our 2019 GlobalGirls!

Updated: Jun 28, 2019

We launched the 2019 GlobalGirl Academy this week and welcomed an awesome diverse cohort of young women ready to raise their voices, learn new skills and tell their stories!

Find out who they are:


Nadia Mirza-Saadi

I am Nadia, a second year astrophysics student from Glasgow. I have heritage from South Asia which I celebrate in my roles as President of the GU South Asian Society and as a radio presenter for Sunoh Scotland.

I stand for myself. My field of Astrophysics. My Community. My country. My Universe. 

I hope to learn the media skills taught by the GGM Academy to continue the conversation of the effects of underlying issues which BAME women persevere through every day.


Tife Mogaji-Williams

Hello, I’m Tife and at 17 I’ve constantly being told to figure out the rest of my life, it is confusing and frustrating but I’ve always known that I had a passion for the media and have always wanted to express the hidden perspective of my community. A perspective often downplayed and villainized by the media. 

I came to global girl media with the hope to use my influence to spread awareness to this abuse and gain the skills needed to achieve it.


Danielle Desouza

My name is Danielle. I am 21. I am a historian, makeshift musician and aspiring political broadcaster.

I am a staunch supporter of both gender and racial equality, being female and Asian. I want to edge closer to this goal daily by bringing to light these injustices, through all forms of journalism.

I picked the GGM Academy as I was in a dilemma. I had to pick between my dream masters course and a masters that would teach me practical skills relevant for the media industry. GGM was the solution, and has offered me the chance to learn editing, film and interview skills, as well as unleashing a new found and burgeoning confidence in myself and my future in the media industry.


Aisha Dafne Morales Grijalva

Aisha Dafne Morales Grijalva

Hey, name is Aisha I’m 17 years old and I came to global girl media (GGM) because I’m interested in studying about the film industry as this is something I want to do in the future. I’m not sure which production role I would like to do therefore I just want to gain experience from in all aspects of the filmmaking progress including the pre- production, production and post-production to be clear on what I want to do in the future.


Natalia Morgan

My name is Natalia Morgan. I believe in many thing like restorative justice, in free speech, in representation and in change - but fundamentally it comes down to this: My first time watching a documentary, I realized there was more than myself and what I was going through, and that made me want to spark that same realization for others. That same realization that change is needed and if I can help someone realize where they can help make change then that’s my purpose fulfilled.


Naomi Osahon

Hello there! I’m Naomi, a 22 year old human who stands for the concepts of compassion, equality, fairness and justice.  I signed up for GGM because I hope to gain the technical skills to create a platform where people can interact in conversations about topics that are usually buried within a ‘silence culture’. I believe that by sharing our experiences as humans we are able to learn how to empathise with one another and make the world a kinder and less ignorant place to live in.


Ava-Tara Essu-Taylor

Ava-Tara Essu-Taylor


My name is Ava-Tara but you can call me Tara, I’m 18 years old and I have come to global girl academy to broaden my knowledge and skills on the TV/film industry. I also want to build up that confidence in myself to go forward in doing what I love to do instead of pushing it aside. I would also like to reflect this on others that feel are hiding as I stand for creativity to be listened to, acknowledged and uplifted. Having a platform so that others can be inspired and feel that they have potential to be more than they are expected will be amazing to make a difference in people.


Erica Olanike George

Hey, I’m Erica and I’m a poet and aspiring documentarian. I love storytelling in all its forms and want to provide a platform for more people to tell the world their truth. I am passionate about young people in Nigeria and ensuring more opportunities are available to them in the country and globally. I wanted to attend GGM academy as it would help me grow in my craft, introduce me to confident, inspiring women in media and teach me the technical skills I need to succeed.


Na'Imah Laurent-Dixon

Hi I’m Na’Imah, a 20 year old uni student, and I believe that raising silenced voices is beneficial on all fronts! It adds social and economic value to boardrooms, governments, box-offices, and everything in-between. Inclusion and representation are so important in today’s media driven world so I came to GGM to learn skills to help me amplify unheard voices in whatever way I can.


Morisha Moodley

I’m Morisha. I study Fine Art but I’m mainly bad at it. My work is a mix of films, visual essays and audio installations. They straddle the line between introspection and social criticism. 

I stand for the marginalized and underrepresented. I want for our communities to be sure in ourselves and the validity of our identities. I came to the Global Girl Media academy to learn more about filmmaking and media at a professional level; I want to feel confident and comfortable in my technical abilities and expertise.


Maia Adelia

Hello, my name is Maia and I am nineteen years old. I am largely interested in making documentaries, and focusing on the people around the topics that I will be filming. I joined the academy because I wanted to gain a well-rounded knowledge of the industry that I hope to have a career in, surrounded in a safe female-based environment. Having spent most of my school life at an all girls school, I was shocked upon attending a mixed sixth form to hear the way that some boys speak about and treat women- which is something that I would hope to reduce in the long term.

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