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I am Aryan Ashory

I am Aryan Ashory, a 15 year old who is recognized in Europe mostly by my status as a refugee. My life revolves around living in one European country with my family, then having to move frequently. One of our worst moments involved spending our nights on the streets, with our backpacks. It was cold in Greece and we were living with uncertainty. That time, I learnt that these difficult situations teach us lessons — life changes many times and is filled with incredible moments and happiness, but also some horrible times.

In 2019, I began training with GlobalGirl Media (GGM). I have learnt to raise my voice and the voices of unheard girls and women who are forced to be silent. I have used my camera to film daily life, to bring silences alive through the medium of film.

Being a member of GGM is teaching me to raise my voice and stand for equality, and remove the idea of difference between men and women. I now have some reporting experience to make people aware of what is happening in the world. Having experience as a reporter is teaching me to stand strong enough. I want to write more about my reporting work as a young journalist at Athens Democracy forum. At this Conference, I met many personalities: the President, prime ministers, and members of European parliament, politicians, authors and some more. It was a big honour to talk with some of these personalities about democracy and how important the voices of women and girls are.

From joining GGM, I feel like I have become more active. I have become a better researcher. I have let my voice be heard, and not just be heard, but also understood. I don't want to keep seeing the problems in my life that serve as a wall blocking my dreams. I want to break down the wall, but I can't. I see a big challenge in my way. Living with uncertainty is destroying me physically and mentally and getting in the way of me achieving my goals. I cannot relax. I have missed my school for a long time, and not just me, my two brothers as well. However, I hope we can find a way to start our life and live in confidence, with relaxed minds. I want to see my parents with smiling faces and not always carrying stress (Can we stay here? Do we have the right documents? Do we have a place to live? As well as a lot more worries, which I hope will finish).

I will stay strong and (Inshallah) will never give up because of the problems. Life is too short. Let's remember we are all human and celebrate humanity.

By guest blogger: Aryan Ashory

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