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How to cope during quarantine: some tips

We are all experiencing a very challenging time, from creatives to entrepreneurs, right the way through to our brave health care professionals, which has altered the way we work on a day-to-day basis. However, there are some things that we can all do to still reach our full potential.

I, myself, have been coping during quarantine by networking with other creatives, exercising and going for long walks. Going for a walk helps me clear my mind whilst enjoying the fresh air. This is also a time I use to collect my thoughts in one space and make a mental list of what I should do next. This has allowed me to become more mindful of myself and tasks, which I think is very important. Being attentive is a skill that is most needed in creative fields as it allows you to be organised and focused.

I have also started Instagram competitions for upcoming artists and other creatives, where I ask people to tag an upcoming versatile artist, which boosts interactivity and allows me to go through the handles and watch the talented individuals showcase their work. This has also allowed me to connect whilst build my platform in terms of followers. It is not one-sided and I have also suggested that all of them tagged follow each other to potentially work with one another in the future after quarantine. This has given me an opportunity to create, network and build all from a phone, proving you do not have to physically meet up to make change and help the community.

COVID-19 should be seen as an opportunity to spend quality time with yourself, focus on what you really want as an individual, company or organisation.

A few positives:

1. Reshaping your focus on what you WANT

We can use this time efficiently to focus on what we really want as individuals, whether that is more experience in your desired field or even a conversation with someone via a zoom.

2. Able to dedicate time to exercising and health

Exercising keeps the mind and body healthy balancing the hormones and electrical signals in your body. 35 minutes exercise is usually okay and can be done around your area. You are still allowed to go for a jog / walk as long as you stay two metres away from others.

3. Spending quality time with family

Sometimes we are so fixated on our jobs and careers we forget the most important thing which is family. Spending quality catch-up time with your loved ones can also be needed in a time like this to also remind you of your social and work life.

4. Reconnecting with existing projects or new projects to allow growth

As a creative, you want to utilise this time to come up with new concepts and. This will and may allow you to work alongside other creatives via Instagram, Dots and even Linkedin. Using this time to research in your field can allow you to come up with other ideas that you may use in 2-3 years.

A few negatives:

1. Stopped work flow affecting cash flow

As we know COVID-19 has also affected many jobs and businesses. However, despite being out of work, money still needs to be generated in order to allow businesses to run and create revenue. There are many jobs that many creatives can also do on the side to increase cash flow. Some are listed below for freelancers:

• Freelance graphic designer

• Freelance illustrator

• Freelance writer

• Freelance copyright

• Freelance producer

• Freelance screenwriter

• Freelance artist

Hopefully, this blog allows people to see that they can still be productive and have fulfilled days. The main things needed are the ability to adapt and a positive attitude.

AUTHOR: Monique Henry Washington

My name is Monique Henry. I am a 21 year old passionate and energetic film scholar, who aims to enhance my digital and communication skills, whilst working with other creatives. Producing and directing are my main passions. I love seeing how a project flourishes from the thought of a single idea to a final product.

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