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JOB - Junior Content Producer Apprentice @ London Management Centre

The London Management Centre are looking for a Junior Content Producer Apprentice.

What will you be doing? Your role will include:

- Supporting the team in delivering the digital marketing plans and activities.

- Supporting the manager with delivery of the content management plan.

- Ensuring that all digital content meets the needs of our audiences and objectives.

No degree necessary. Full Time. £18,000 per annum.

Learn More HERE


INTERNSHIP - Content and Video Executive @ Fanbytes

Fanbytes is a video ad network helping the world’s biggest brands like Apple, Warner and Sony reach young people through exclusive influencers on Snapchat, Instagram and Tiktok.

What you'd be doing day to day:

- Working with the marketing team to create content for their social media.

- Working with the CEO to create video content for Facebook and Linkedin

- Managing the growth of our podcasts inviting new guests and managing its distribution.

Check out more information HERE


INTERNSHIP - Journalist @ Iwoca

This will be a paid 6 month opportunity in which you will work closely with the lead content strategist and editor of their magazine The Sixty Percent to:

- Develop story ideas in our weekly editorial meetings

- Find and develop unique angles for stories no one has reported on before

- Interview a range of small business owners

- Write up and file excellent copy on time and to spec

- Edit and sub-edit the work of others

- Be responsible for helping upload content onto our CMS


INTERNSHIP - Women's Sport Social Media Intern @ SKY

SKY are looking for a creative individual, who is passionate about women's sport, to help produce social media content over a 6-week period this summer. This in an entry-level job and will provide great exposure to some of their biggest tournaments including the Netball World Cup and The Ashes' - Jamie Hunt, Head of Digital Publishing Unit.


INTERNSHIP - Video production intern @ 9024 Media

Looking for an enthusiastic and social trend savy intern to join their creative team - starting immediately.


For support with applications send an email to

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