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GGM international academy: First week experiences

Photo credit: Sarah Chi

Women being seen and treated differently is a common issue all around the world. GlobalGirl Media prides itself on empowering and mentoring young women. The first week of the international academy was nothing less than that. The mentors stood by their aim and empowered young women from all around the globe.

The first week of training at the academy was amazing. We learnt from each other and got to hear the perspectives of young women all around the world. We were empowered through out the week through other women's beautiful work and what they stand for: reporters and activists. We discovered more about women in the media, why they chose to report, what they report, where they come from and what reporting means to them.

We managed to discover ourselves and that we have a voice, and a voice that matters. We touched on issues that affect women all around the world; issues like the menstrual cycle, gender based violence, gender inequality, child marriage and many other issues that we all talk about every day. We also discovered just how amazing it is to be a woman and have support from other women. Women are strong when they stand together and support each other. We also got to see and read each other’s blogs. We got tips about blogging.

Personally, I am looking forward to having a blog of my own, which is relatable and producing a short film based on the topics we already touched during the first week. This academy is the type that every young girl needs in order to grow, discover and understand themselves a little more and learn. It is a great privilege to be in an online room with international females.

AUTHOR: guest blogger, Kamo

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